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The Lotha Hoho and its frontal organisations are to show resentment to the speech of the lone Nagaland Lok Sabha MP, Mr. Tokheho Yepthomi, who recently, at a program in Chumukedima, spoke in favour of Removal of Article 371A. The Lotha organisations are to advocate that Human existence is much more than the “so called- Modern Development” on the surface. The Cultural and Traditional Identity, Ancestral Heritage, Territorial Rights, Social Rights, Human Rights, Religious Rights, the unique existence and many more such Rights are inalienable, for us. Our leaders should know that much more than the modern day developments, the Nagas have so far lived with distinct culture, tradition and many more of their rights, under Article 371A. Hence if Art 371A is removed, the Nagas will be over flooded with alien people, alien culture, alien way of living, alien religion etc and will become like the aboriginal people of Tripura, whose people have become minority in their own land; similar to the Red Indians and Incas of the Americas, the Maoris of New Zealand and the 85 aboriginal tribes of Australia, who have lost their heritage and are now the oppressed minority.

If Article 371A is removed, will not the Naga history record, for all time to come, that the Naga Protective Constitutional Article 371A, has been removed during the Chief Ministership of Mr. Neiphiu Rio and during the tenure of Member of Parliament Mr. Tokheho Yepthomi? Look at Bhutan, supposedly a small under undeveloped mountainous country, with a rural economy and technologically backward. But the Bhutanese live with pride with their distinct identity in their naturally eco-friendly land. The so-called developed countries are now vying at Bhutan, how they loved to be like the Bhutanese people, who have earned the enviable name “Kingdom of Happiness” (our leaders may log in to either Youtube or web page to confirm this fact). Our leaders should think of the long term implications without Article 371A. How stupid and treacherous it would be to do away with Article 371A.

Our leaders are once again reminded that we would rather choose to remain under Art 371A , although underdeveloped; but happy like Bhutan; and never like developed Europe, where human values have vanished and life is a monotony and does not seem interesting to live!

Chairman, Lotha Hoho, Okying Wokha

General Secretary, Lotha Hoho, Okying Wokha

President, Lotha Students’ Union, Wokha

President, Lotha Eloe hoho, Wokha

President, Lotha Youth Hoho, Wokha

Chairman, Wokha Town Colonies Union

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