Manipur capital city of Imphal is grappling with its worst flooding in recent memory, leaving thousands stranded as the Northeast region reels from the aftermath of cyclonic storms.

manipur flood cyclone remal
The Khuman Lampak Main Stadium in Imphal has been severely impacted by flooding following the powerful Cyclone Remal that struck the region. The iconic stadium, a central hub for sports and cultural events in Manipur, is now submerged under water, reflecting the broader devastation faced by the state.

Cyclone Remal unleashed heavy rainfall and subsequent floods across multiple northeastern states, with Manipur bearing a significant brunt of its fury. Official reports confirm three fatalities and widespread displacement of residents in Manipur’s Imphal valley region due to the deluge triggered by relentless downpours.

At least two people were killed in storm-related incidents in the hill district of Senapati, according to officials. Among the casualties was a 34-year-old man who perished in a landslide on the Senapati-Thonglang Road, while an 83-year-old woman met her demise in the raging waters of the Senapati river. Rescue operations are underway to evacuate those stranded in low-lying areas to higher ground.

The havoc wreaked by Cyclone Remal has pushed the Northeast’s death toll past 40, with Manipur particularly hard-hit. Both the Imphal and Nambul rivers, coursing through the heart of Greater Imphal, surged beyond their danger levels, inundating numerous neighborhoods and forcing residents to seek refuge in makeshift shelters.

Imphal West district bore the brunt of the flooding, with reports of inundation in at least 86 areas, including densely populated localities like Khuman Lampak, Nagaram, and Uripok. Imphal East district, specifically Heingang and Khurai assembly constituencies, witnessed water levels rising to chest-high.

According to an official of the State Relief and Disaster Management Department, flood wreaked havoc in almost all the districts in Manipur with Imphal East being the most affected in the valley and Tamenglong in the hills.

Responding to the crisis, a team from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) swiftly arrived in Imphal, deploying resources to spearhead rescue operations. However, the situation remains dire, with floodwaters wreaking havoc across Manipur’s districts, affecting both valley and hill regions.


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