Mon, 17 December (MTNews): Nagaland Minister of Health and Family Welfare, P Paiwang, has stated that the state government acknowledges developmental disparities in the Eastern region of the state. He emphasized that sustainable growth, economic development, infrastructure, and employment in this region should be the collective goal of the people. The minister made these remarks during the Platinum Jubilee celebration of the Konyak Students Union in Mon.

Regarding the demand for separate statehood by the Eastern Nagaland Public Organization (ENPO), Minister Paiwang mentioned that the Eastern Naga Legislators have requested working papers. He assured a thorough examination, deliberation, and consultation with the public for a “referendum.” The results, he emphasized, will be determined by the collective decision of the public.

Minister Paiwang also highlighted the tourism prospects in the region, noting that Mon District is ideally located, sharing borders with Myanmar, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam. He informed that a helipad in Chen Town was sanctioned in 2021 to strategically connect Myanmar, and a Public Health Centre in Chenmoho will be set up to cater to the medical needs of both countries, including Longwa.

The minister also urged the public to adopt new farming methods for sustainable growth, specifically by expanding tea plantations.

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