The Greater Guwahati Unit (GGU) of the North East India Petroleum Dealers’ Association (NEIPDA) on 28 March 2024 announced its decision to resort to a “protest closure of all the retail outlets within its jurisdiction.”

panic buying Mokokchung

The “protest closure” within its jurisdiction was to be implemented from 5:00 am on 30 March to 5:00 am on 1 April 2024. The association, however, called off its proposed agitation on 29 March.

Nonetheless, the news of the proposed “protest closure” by the GGU of NEIPDA triggered panic buying of fuel among residents of Mokokchung in the evening of 29 March 2024, once again exposing how residents of the town are easily swayed by and fall prey to misinformation. Similar instances of panic buying prompted by misinformation and rumors have occurred numerous times in Mokokchung in the past.

Hundreds of vehicles were seen queued up at the fuel stations for refueling in Mokokchung on the evening of 29 March, even after the proposed agitation in the Greater Guwahati jurisdiction was called off and deferred until after the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

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