Kohima, 27 February (MTNews): MLA Kevipodi Sophie today urged the Nagaland government to immediately intervene to protect Kezoltsa forest from exploitation and preserve the area as an eco-biodiversity zone. He pressed the government to deploy government agencies concerned with protecting forest lands and to assist and provide resources to the traditional owners concerned with the preservation and protection of Kezoltsa.

He stated this while making a statement in calling attention to a matter of urgent public importance pertaining to the Dispute of Traditional Land at Kezoltsa on the second day of the Budget session.

Dwelling on the history of the ongoing dispute over the Kezoltsa between Maram, Mao, and Southern Angami communities, the MLA said that the issue persisted for several decades and continues to remain highly sensitive and contentious. He maintained that the Angamis under any circumstances cannot part with its traditional land and this assertion has no conflict with the existing political state boundary.

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