Independent candidate for Kumlong Ward No. 7 Municipal constituent, Arenmongla today urged the people to give her a chance to serve the people together.

Arenmongla kumlong
In a mass declaration program held at Kumlong community ground, Arenmongla highlighted her slogan “Your vote for a better Kumlong” and urged every genuine voter to exercise their franchise. She promised the people that if given the mandate and elected to the Municipal Council, she would stand by the people, work for the community and be with the people as always.

On her symbol ‘battery torchlight’, the candidate said that she chose the battery torchlight simply for a specific reason, of being a beacon of light. However, she said that the torchlight needs a power source. Therefore, she urged the citizens to be that ‘battery’, the power source for the torchlight.

Arenmongla mentioned that she was previously the President of the Women Organization in the regional party NDPP but did not receive the party ticket. Despite feeling dismayed, she expressed gratitude for the support from her husband, children, well-wishers, and supporters.

Arenmongla stated, “Today, I stand here as a candidate for the ULB election for my ward. Even if I do not possess big qualifications or degrees like others, I want to contribute my service to my ward. I aim to serve my ward with whatever efforts I can make, which is why I am standing here today, determined to contest in the women-reserved ward, a decision made two years ago.”

The Kumlong Ward Council chairman, Lanu Imchen, speaking at the program, urged the people to conduct the election in a peaceful manner. Representatives from Waromung Senso Telongjem Mokokchung and Monchen Senso Telongjem Mokokchung also spoke at the program. Well-wishers Supongmar and Arepla Longchar also spoke at the program and urged the electorates to vote for the Independent candidate.

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