Alempang Ward’s Maongtula Longchar has officially confirmed her candidacy for the upcoming Urban Local Body election, standing as the lone unopposed candidate so far. Meanwhile, joining the race from Penli Ward are Walunila Jamir and Moasangla Pongen, who have also confirmed their candidacies. These announcements were made today during consultative meetings organized by the apex Watsü Mungdang in Alempang Ward and Penli Ward respectively.

ULB Mokokchung women
Maongtula Longchar, Walunila Jamir, Moasangla Pongen

Maongtula expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the Watsü Mungdang for their initiative in supporting women. She stated that achieving the 33% reservation for women is only the beginning. “It’s time for women to show the world that, given the opportunity, we can get jobs done just as well,” she stated. Maongtula outlined her goals to break down social barriers and work towards the betterment of society, urging everyone to support her with their advice, wisdom, and prayers.

Walunila Jamir, in her speech, quoted William Edward, saying, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” She highlighted the persistent underrepresentation of women in politics and stressed the importance of women’s empowerment. Walunila expressed her commitment to community development and shared her vision for a more inclusive society.

Moasangla Pongen, a retired government official and active church member, stated in her speech that the needs and wants of the Mokokchung wards are many. She further assured that she would be willing to help and represent Penli ward in approaching higher authorities to address the people’s needs and wants, if given the chance.

It may be mentioned here that Alempang and Penli wards are two of the six wards reserved for women . Watsü Mungdang have earlier held similar meetings in Sungkomen and Marepkong wards. The other two wards reserved for women are Artang and Kumlong wards.

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