A thanksgiving service for Wabang Kichu, the Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) member-elect from the NDPP who was elected unopposed from Lijaba Lijen ward, was held at Lijaba Lijen Salang on Friday. Wabang Kichu was one of the five candidates declared elected unopposed in the MMC Election 2024.

wabang kichu
Wabang Kichu

The thanksgiving service was attended by a host of NDPP party workers and leaders, friends and family of the MMC member-elect, well-wishers, and the public of Lijaba Lijen ward.

In his speech, Wabang Kichu shared his lifelong interest in serving the people. He mentioned that he has been a resident of Lijaba Lijen for almost 30 years and expressed his gratitude to the people for giving him the opportunity to serve them. Acknowledging that no one is perfect and that everyone has weaknesses, he requested that the people correct him instead of criticizing.

Kichu vowed to perform the necessary work for the ward with transparency. He emphasized the NDPP motto, “Facta Non Verba” (Deeds, not words), and stressed that he will “talk less and do more.” He quoted a line from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “I have a dream,” saying, “I will carve that tunnel of hope through the mountains of despair.”

He highlighted the diversity among the residents of Lijaba Lijen ward and urged them to embrace change, stating that development cannot be achieved through division but through unity. He highlighted the need for people’s cooperation to realize his vision for the people of Lijaba Lijen and further urged them to correct him if he is wrong, rather than pulling him down.

Imtimeren Jamir, the intending Independent candidate from Lijaba Lijen Ward who withdrew his nomination, rendering Wabang Kichu as the lone candidate from the ward, also addressed the gathering.

NDPP Working President N. Bendang Jamir, NDPP Mokokchung Region president Mangyangnungba, NDPP 25 Mongoya AC president, NDPP Lijaba Lijen Ward Unit, Lijaba Lijen Ward Yimden, and Aliba Union Mokokchung also addressed the gathering. Molo Jamir delivered the vote of thanks, while Rev. P. Chuba Jamir, Associate Pastor, MTBA, pronounced the thanksgiving prayer.

Earlier in the program, Dr. Supongmeren said the invocation while campaign convener Y. Imlimatsung delivered the welcome address. The proceedings of the program were chaired by Imnasenla R.

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