With the 33% reservation in place, the upcoming Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) election has witnessed a significant surge in female participation, with the recent confirmation of candidature by Bendangkokla, Mapujungla Pongen, and Sademkala Kichu.

watsu women candidate
L-R: Mapujungla (Artang), Sademkala (Kumlong), Bendangkokla (Artang)

Bendangkokla and Mapujungla Pongen alongside Yongkongsangla R will vie for the Artang Ward seat, while Sademkala Kichu joins Wapangnaro Pongen and Arenmongla for the Kumlong Ward seat. The three women formally made their candidacy known today during a series of consultative meetings organized by Watsü Mungdang, the apex Ao women’s organization, in Artang and Kumlong Wards.

It may be mentioned here that Yongkongsangla R, Wapangnaro Pongen and Arenmongla had already declared their participation earlier.

In her public address, Bendangkokla expressed her lifelong commitment to community service and outlined her priorities, aiming to improve women’s welfare and civic amenities such as road infrastructure, sanitation, and drainage systems.

Mapujungla Pongen, an advocate with 11 years of experience, shared her vision for the ward, envisioning a flourishing environment of development and peace.

Sademkala Kichu stressed that her candidacy is driven by a desire to represent the women and people of Kumlong Ward, pledging to collaborate closely with the ward council for further development and urging voters to support her if they deemed her worthy.

Yongkongsangla R, Wapangnaro Pongen, and Arenmongla, who had previously declared their candidature, also delivered brief speeches.

Yongkongsangla R of Artang Ward pledged to serve her constituents diligently, emphasizing the pivotal role of women in societal transformation. She promised to advocate for honesty among women and vowed to support and represent them effectively.

Wapangnaro Pongen stressed the significance of the 33% reservation for women, urging active participation and wise decision-making from women in the reserved wards. She emphasized grassroots engagement and pledged to serve selflessly, seeking voters’ support.

Arenmongla, a proclaimed ‘regionalist’ with extensive political experience, vowed collaborative efforts to address community needs under the guidance of the ward council.

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