Kohima, 25 August (MTNews): On 25 August, Model Christian College, Kohima hosted its 15th Fresher’s Meet at the college auditorium.


The event commenced with an invocation by Dzuvarou Khamai (President of the EU) and a warm welcome note by Ajunlo Kent (President of MCCSC), followed by three rounds of the Mister and Miss Fresher contest. The contest’s subtitle winners were Tuto Zhimo, Pensimyile Hau, Elunso K, Zashebonu Savi, Felix Kath, and Ruguozeu Zatsu, respectively, an update from the college said.


Model Christian College


Shilumoa Longkumer and Pensimyile Hau emerged as the victors, securing the titles of Mister and Miss Fresher 2023. Vizono Khesoh (Dean of Students’ Welfare) delivered an inspiring speech, urging students to be prepared for life’s challenges and to seek the silver lining in every circumstance. The program concluded with a benediction offered by Wewa-u Mero (Assistant Professor and Advisor of the EU).

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