Mokokchung, 19 January (MTNews): The National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) organized a training session on oral health for health workers in the Ongpangkong Block on 19 January 2024 at the Chief Medical Officer Conference Hall in Mokokchung. Dr Kibangkumba, Chief Medical Officer of Mokokchung, welcomed the participants and encouraged them to create awareness among the youngsters about oral health.

Mokokchung Health workers trained on oral health

The resource person, Dr Keneitheja from IMDH, stated that the main objective of the training is to promote oral health, identify and prevent common oral diseases, and provide first aid in dental emergencies. He mentioned that the causes of oral diseases include sugar consumption, tobacco use, alcohol use, and poor hygiene. Common oral diseases include tooth decay, gum disease, irregularities, and oral cancer.

Dr Keneitheja added that most oral and dental diseases are preventable, and early detection is key to preventing every oral and dental problem.

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