Mokokchung School Administrators’ Meet held

Mokokchung, February 3 (MTNews): Mokokchung School Administrators Meet organized by NagaEd was held at Hotel Metsüben today with the aim of understanding the future of work skills and ensuring that students are job ready.


Kevisato Sanyü speaking at the meet (MTNews photo)


Kevisato Sanyü, Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University Australia, Academic Evaluation Specialist, RMIT University, Australia, Founder, NagaEd, Nagaland served as the resource person during the session.


Sanyü during his address stated that Northeast in 230 years has adapted four industrial revolutions in just one generation and added that Nagas’ when given the right education and opportunity can achieve excellence in all aspects of life.


Giving an overview of different studies, he mentioned one that stated that 95% of Indian workers surveyed acknowledged the need for digital skills and that, by the end of the year, 27 million more workers will also need these abilities.


Emphasizing on the importance of Cyber-Physical World (CPW) in recent times, he added that, an average student in general spends two hours a day migrated into the CPW highlighting that the CPW is being migrated by students in terms of lakhs and the space is being occupied at a rapid pace without the users being properly guided.


Further, he said that hybrid jobs like data scientist, security analyst, product manager, marketing, etc., that revolves around CPW requires digital skills and tools and is increasing at twice its growth rate.


National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is designed to adapt to the future of work, Kevisato Sanyü said, adding that the fundamental principles of NEP 2020 was to emphasize on conceptual understanding rather than note learning and learning-for-exams, creativity and critical thinking to encourage logical decision-making and innovation; life skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork, and resilience; focus on regular formative assessment for learning rather than the summative assessment that encourages today’s coaching culture; extensive use of technology in teaching and learning, removing language barriers, increasing access for Divyang students, and educational planning and management.


He went on to say that NagaEd uses a distinctive modular architecture co-designed with Australian educators with 6 core modular blocks designed with leading pedagogical practices that includes ‘preparation, acquire knowledge, apply your learning, conclusion, additional resources and check your understanding’.


The seminar was attended by school administrators and representatives from Queen Mary Hr. Sec School, Canaan Christian Hr. Sec School, Soul House Academy, Whetstone High, Jubilee Memorial School and Eden Academy.


NagaEd is a leading digital education company that provides learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers, and institutions seeking a contemporary, digitally-enabled educational experience. They design simpler, more supportive processes and platforms that empower educators and prepare students for the future of work.


It combines the expertise of local teachers and Australian educators to develop contextual, multimedia learning materials aligned with the National Education Policy.


The platform offers a digital learning management system through open, reliable web-based software that allows schools to manage learning and teaching, teachers to create courses and assess student progress and students to engage in interactive learning and receive constructive feedback.


NagaEd currently has 560+ videos, 240+ practice quiz sets, and 120+ MCQ test sets in the subjects of Science, Mathematics, Social Science and English.

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  1. This is the right step taken towards enhancing a balanced education which is the felt need of our state Nagaland. Bridges Academy Changtongya have jumped in to this program as the 1st school in Mokokchung. The same is being recommended to all the schools to make the right progress.

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