Influenced by Manga and Cartoons, meet Bendangonen Atsongchanger, the illustrator


Once a Manga fan turned into an illustrator/graphic designer is Bendangonen Atsongchanger of Mokokchung village.


Growing up watching Cartoon Network and anime helped him in cultivating the art of reading and collecting comics and finally inspired him to create art and illustrate.


This made him pursue Design course at MAAC Bangalore and ended up working for a Fashion AI company called “Couch Fashion” as a graphic designer, and later, he worked for ABAM’s Sunday School new curriculum as a graphic designer and co-typesetter.


Currently he is working as a freelance Graphic/Motion Designer and runs a production studio in Mokokchung called “Studio Mint” where digital assets and media like small scale animations, art illustrations and ads and custom Shirt printing are done.

Here is Mokokchung Times getting to know him better.


MTimes: Bendang, we are happy to have this moment with you. May we know the reason behind your keen attachment in art? Please share us your thoughts and motives in art illustrations.
Onen: As a kid, I always loved drawing and making art. Growing up, watching the old Cartoon Network and anime fueled my interest for creating even more art and illustrations. And sooner than later, I just knew I had to take up Art and Design.


Ironically, regarding my art illustrations, I don’t have much of a deep interpretation or profound thought and motives. I just like to make art illustration based on where I get inspired from, which can be anything, and try to make it entertaining and appealing for the audience.



MTimes: Would you like to say something on the technique you apply to your design? According to you, how can a person realize that he/she is on the stages of creativity?

Onen: Being a self-taught artist and having limited knowledge about different mediums used for art, I started off drawing traditionally with pencils and pens. Just not too long ago I moved to working digitally. According to the projects and commissions that I am presented with, I juggle from working traditionally or digitally, which suits best for the task at hand.


As for the “Stages of Creativity”, I would say, find something that you’re really good at and you enjoy doing, don’t just follow trends blindly but stick to honing your own craft, get better at it, keep an open mind and the creativity will just flow.



MTimes: Have you encountered any difficulties of being an illustrator?

Onen: Nowadays times have changed; both the people and the system are slowly welcoming and encouraging more of Art or any form of skill-oriented ventures or entrepreneurship.
I’ve had my fair share of difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Many hard decisions had to be made and facing the ever growing expectations from friends and families was really tough. As cheesy as it sounds, I truly believed in myself.


I worked extremely hard and kept being consistent in improving my own craft. Later on, I took up Graphic and Motion design, and have never looked back since. Though I still have a long way to go, I think to be doing what you love is a win and a big step heading forward.


MTimes: You’ve worked as a graphic designer in Fashion AI Company. Would you like to state anything during your period in Couch Fashion? How’s your experience like?

Onen: Before working for the company “Couch Fashion”, I did my fair share of art commissions and projects on the side. This was my first company that I worked professionally and it really opened my eyes to the work culture of the people living outside.


I’ve had good experience with the company, I feel like rather than my artistic skills improving, my discipline, punctuality, time management and overall growth as a person improved drastically working with them which I am truly grateful. And most importantly, it made me realize the importance of working smart.



MTimes: Bendang, we are very much impressed to know that you were indulged even in ABAM’s Sunday School new curriculum as a Graphic designer and co-typesetter. You really had done a great job. But why did you choose to discontinue?

Onen: Thank you so much for the compliment.
I did not discontinue working for ABAM. I was only in charge of the overall layout, art and design for the new curriculum, on contract. So once the project was done and over in time, my work with them had to come to an end as well. I had such a good time working with them, made a lot of new friends and associates along the way, which I am really thankful for.


MTimes: Presently, You’re working as a freelance Graphic/Motion Designer in “Studio Mint”. We would love to know more about the production studio.

Onen: Initially, I always thought of going back to the cities and venture with a job that suited me and my skill sets the best. However, because of the pandemic and stuffs, I decided it might be better just to start something out here instead. If my set of skills and services can be utilized in any way to fulfill the needs and demands of people, I rather just do my thing here and anticipate in hopes of having a bright future. And soon, with the support of few friends and my family, “Studio Mint” was created.


Highlighting what studio mint does best, we make small scale animation projects, Branding (if you’re planning to start your own company), we design advertisements, art illustrations, etc. We do custom shirt printing as well. You can find out more about us in Instagram @studio_mint_mkg.


We are still exploring new business units daily, so do feel free to reach out to us with your digital problems.  We are open to always figuring out the best solution for you.

MTimes: Share with us your ultimate dream in life. What do you hope to accomplish in the next five or ten years?

Onen: My ultimate dream in life is to be able to take care of my family and close friends.
As for my goals and ambitions, I wish to keep making art and content for people to enjoy.  If my art or content makes your day a bit better than the usual, then it’s a win for me.



MTimes: Do you think graphic design had an influence in people’s lives?

Onen: Yes, of course. The information we get in our day to day life has a certain amount of thought and process put to it. We are all usually drawn to information and visuals which utilizes good and efficient graphic design.  Subconsciously, even in life when we are bound to make decisions based on what we see, we often prefer to choose the things that are simple, friendly and clear.
We all know and see the stop sign every time, just imagine if the stop sign had an italic font and it was in green color? It just wouldn’t make sense and won’t give a strong impact like the original red one. This is just a tiny example about how graphic design plays a huge influence in people’s lives and decisions.


MTimes: Leave a message to our Readers.

Onen: Find something that you’re really good at and enjoy doing it; don’t just follow trends blindly but stick to honing your own craft.
Lastly, thank you MTimes for giving me this opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you.  God Bless.

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