A part of the retaining wall along the road to Town Hall and DC Office in Sangtemla Ward, Mokokchung crumbled around 6:00 am on Sunday following incessant heavy rainfall, leading to the damage of two power transformers linked to the DC office and the District Court respectively.

Wall Collapse
A section of the retaining wall that collapsed on Sunday morning in Mokokchung near DC’s Office.

Upon inspection, an official from the power department remarked that the wall had no proper foundation. He further said that numerous complaints regarding this issue had been lodged with the relevant authorities by both the department and the public, yet no action was taken.

wall before
The section of the wall before its collapse is seen here in this image from November 2023. The imminence of its collapse was observed by many concerned citizens.

Expressing grave concern for public safety, he said, “If corrective measures are not promptly implemented, the transformer serving the public may also fail imminently, leading to further complications.” It may be mentioned that there is another power transformer located in the vicinity that is also likely to be damaged if the wall collapses further.

transformers workers
Power department staff dismantling the transformers affected by the collapsed wall.

Additionally, the Executive Engineer of the Power Department Mokokchung, Chutsüsie Thowachu, said the Deputy Commissioner will be requested to grant permission to relocate the transformers to a safer location.

Advisor Tongpang Ozukum, accompanied by district administration, District Urban Development Department officials, EE Electrical, Mokokchung, and Angetyongpang NDPP AC officials, also inspected the collapsed wall.

“Two transformers were also damaged in the landslide, which needs urgent attention,” the advisor observed.

The two affected power transformers that feed the DC Office and District Court after they were dismantled for relocation.

Officials clarified that while the transformer issue would impact the DC office and the district court, the rest of the colony would remain unaffected.

Meanwhile, it has been found that the two transformers have been dismantled for relocation, while the debris from the collapsed wall remains to be cleared.

Mokokchung Times

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