According to the latest findings from the Household Consumption Expenditure Survey (HCES) 2022-23, released on Saturday by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI), the average Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure (MPCE) in 2022-23 in Nagaland is Rs 4,393 for rural areas and Rs 7,098 for urban areas, noting a difference of Rs 2,705.

Furthermore, by including the imputed cost of food grains distributed by the government and other free items given under government schemes, the survey finds that the average monthly consumption expenditure in Nagaland stood at Rs 4,457 in rural areas and Rs 7,159 in urban areas.

According to the survey, the average MPCE between rural and urban households has decreased to 71.2% in 2022-23 from 83.9% in 2011-12. This indicates that rural consumption spending has increased more than urban consumption spending over the 11-year period. The survey reveals that rural average monthly consumption spending per person rose to Rs 3,773 in 2022-23 from Rs 1,430 in 2011-12, a jump of 164%. This growth is higher than the 146% increase in urban average monthly consumption expenditure per person to Rs 6,459 in 2022-23 from Rs 2,630 in 2011-12.

In 2022-23, the share of expenditure on food in rural India was 46%, compared to 39% in urban India. This is a change from 2011-12 when it was 52.90% in rural India and 42.62% in urban India. This shift has implications for the consumer price index-based inflation.

The bottom 5% of India’s rural population spends about Rs 1,441, which is marginally higher than the amount of Rs 1,373 spent without the inclusion of the free items. For urban areas, the consumption expenditure for the bottom 5% stood at Rs 2,001 without the imputed value of free items and at Rs 2,087 after the inclusion of the imputed value of free items.

The Ministry said it has only released a factsheet for 2022-23 and will release a detailed report soon.

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