Mokokchung, 25 April (MTNews): Several business bodies and organizations have expressed their support for the “indefinite shutter down” initiative called by the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) starting April 26. Concurrently, the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) has warned of a statewide agitation from 27 April.

In a statement, the CNCCI described the indefinite shutter down as “completely justified,” citing the burden of multiple taxes from various groups, excessive fines, and ongoing harassment faced by the business community, which they deem intolerable.

The CNCCI fully backs the DCCI’s stance and is closely monitoring the situation, the statement added.

Should the government fail to address the DCCI’s concerns in due time, the CNCCI has announced plans to escalate the agitation by initiating an indefinite statewide shutter down starting 27 April.

The CNCCI also appealed to all sections of society to stand with the business community in their demand, emphasizing that the issues at hand impact every citizen of Nagaland.

MCCI: Conveying its solidarity with DCCI, the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) stated that the present situation in Dimapur – and Nagaland as a whole – warrants a real shake-up, and the measures taken by the DCCI are necessary and commendable.

MCCI further said that Mokokchung underwent a similar situation in the 1990s and early 2000s when “Naga political groups took Mokokchung for ransom.” The people eventually said enough is enough and took matters into their own hands, MCCI said.

As a result, Mokokchung is relatively the most peaceful town in Nagaland today and is the least affected by the menace of extortion by Naga Political Groups (NPGs) in the name of the Naga national movement, it added.
“The NPGs must cease and desist from their illegal activities or face the wrath of the people,” it asserted.

The MCCI also said the Government of Nagaland (GoN) should prioritize restoring law and order. “By not taming the anti-social elements, the state government is viewed as aiding and abetting them,” MCCI added.

MCCI said there is not a single commercial vehicle operating between Dimapur, the “commercial hub” and Mokokchung, except for some passenger vehicles, while most commodities are costlier in Dimapur than in Mokokchung which it said defies economic laws. “The root cause of this economic anomaly is the unabated extortion by the innumerable underground groups,” it claimed.

As such, MCCI appealed to the common people of Dimapur “to stand with the DCCI and own your city.”

“Your decisive action today will reshape Nagaland’s socio-economic growth. If Dimapur prospers, the prosperity of the rest of Nagaland will follow suit,” MCCI added.

Meanwhile, the MCCI said that it is ready to cooperate with the CNCCI and join the proposed state-wide indefinite shutter down protest if the government does not heed to the demand of the DCCI.

WSH: The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) along with its frontal organizations also assured its full support to the DCCI’s decision to implement an indefinite shutdown starting April 26, 2024.

This, it said, was upon considering the menace of multiple taxation and other anti social activities being perpetrated upon the common citizens, especially against the business community, under the shadows of the delay in the settlement of the Naga political issue.

The delay in resolving the Naga political issue is seen as the root cause of all the social issues in the State, the WSH said. As such, it urged the Central Government, State Government, and all NPGs to prioritize finding “a permanent solution that reflects the aspirations of the Naga people.”

“Further delays could reduce the Naga political issue to a mere law and order problem, disregarding the Naga people’s desire for a dignified resolution,” it added. The WSH emphasized the urgency of resolving the Naga political issue to ensure lasting peace and stability.

Calling upon all stakeholders towards finding a permanent solution at the earliest, it also appealed all stakeholders to expedite the process and address the legitimate grievances of the people.

In unity with the DCCI and those impacted by the prevalent issues of taxation and extortion, the WSH advocates for a collaborative effort to create a prosperous future for Nagaland, it added.

DAYO: The Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) also extended its full support to the DCCI . This collective action, it said, was in response to the rampant issue of multiple taxation and the need for comprehensive policy intervention to be done by the Government of the day to completely stop these illegal activities. The menace of multiple taxations have not only hampered the economic growth of Dimapur but the entire state, deterring large companies, corporate houses, and prominent businessmen from investing in our state, it said. “This detrimental cycle must be broken for the prosperity and development of Nagaland,” it added.

Further, it said that as representatives of the Ao community, DAYO operates a 24×7 Helpline where community members can report grievances, following the principle of community policing.

“We encourage every community in Dimapur to adopt similar measures to address the menace of extortion and multiple taxation effectively,” it added.

DAYO also said that over the years, it has actively filed numerous FIRs and shared crucial information with law enforcement agencies whenever its members have been intimidated and conveyed its firm belief in citizen participation to combat crime.

It urged upon all citizens to report any criminal activities to the police and remain vigilant against illegal taxation and collections. It also urged vigilant and aggrieved citizens to “Make use of the helpful MADEIN mobile app launched by the Police Department especially for those who want to remain anonymous.”

It is imperative that FIRs are lodged by the victims and that they are not withdrawn until justice is served, DAYO further said.

Others: The Wokha District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WDCCI), the Medziphema Town Chamber of Commerce (MTCC), the Trade and Commerce Committee under Diphupar Village Council (DVC), the Nagaland Timber Traders’ Union (NTTU),and the Common Service Centre (CSC) VLE Society of Dimapur, Niuland, and Chumukedima have all supported the DCCI.

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