Mokokchung, 23 August (MTNews): The international commemoration of 77th Naga Independence Day organized by Global Naga Forum (GNF) on 14 August last was marked by a thought-provoking speech delivered by Athong Makury, General Secretary of the Naga National Party (NNP) and an independent researcher specializing in Myanmar-Naga politics.


Delivering the keynote address of the virtual event, Makury spoke on the theme of “Unity and Resilience: A Naga Leader’s Perspective on Independence and Cultural Preservation.”


In a symbolic departure from tradition, the event featured a greater number of women speakers than men, a change that Makury commended as a testament to the progress and inclusivity of the Naga community.


Makury began his address by recalling Mahatma Gandhi’s supportive stance towards Naga Independence, referencing a historic assurance given to Naga delegates by Gandhi 17 July, 1947.


Drawing parallels from the experience of the Haida Nation, an indigenous community in Canada, Makury highlighted key lessons for the Naga people:

Clarity of Identity and Purpose: The Haida Nation’s success stemmed from knowing their identity and goals.

Unified Focus: The Haida Nation’s unity, unlike fragmented approaches, played a pivotal role in their achievements.

Strategic Thinking: Emphasizing strategy over brute force has been a cornerstone of their progress.

Bridging Generational Gaps: Successful communication and collaboration between generations bolstered their efforts.

Cultural Resilience: The Haida Nation leveraged its cultural heritage to address contemporary challenges.

Decolonization: Effectively dismantling colonial legacies from within and outside their community.

Alliance Building: The Haida Nation’s adeptness at forming alliances for shared causes was a significant factor in their accomplishments.


Makury stressed that these lessons offer valuable insights for the Naga people as they strive for their own goals of self-determination and cultural preservation. He urged his fellow Nagas to embrace their identity, unity, and strategic thinking to pave the way for a brighter future.


The General Secretary of NNP concluded his speech with a blessing for Nagalim and the Naga people, signifying his unwavering commitment to their cause.

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