Longtili C Sangtam, Managing Director of Naara Aaba, Nagaland announced that India’s first-ever kiwi wine is actively seeking distributors in all districts of Nagaland, including Mokokchung. “This expansion aims to bring our world-class wines to more people, supporting local economies and increasing the reach of our premium products,” stated Sangtam.

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Naara Aaba, located in the heart of Ziro Valley, began its journey in 2017 with the mission of creating market linkages for the region’s abundantly grown but underutilized kiwi fruits. Founder Entrepreneur Tage Rita started this initiative by purchasing kiwis from local farmers to produce wine, thereby establishing a sustainable and profitable market for the region’s produce.

The company’s dedication to sustainability and community empowerment garnered significant attention when Naara Aaba featured on Shark Tank India (Season 2). The company secured a funding deal worth Rs 75 lakh from Vineeta Singh of Sugar Cosmetics and Vikas D Nahar of Happilo, which included Rs 50 lakh for 5% equity and Rs 25 lakh as a loan at 10% interest.

“The foundation of Naara Aaba is deeply rooted in the empowerment of local farmers,” emphasized Sangtam. “By encouraging the use of abundant but underutilized local produce, we provide a sustainable market for farmers. We extend employment opportunities to local school and college dropouts, as well as to neighborhood residents, including the elderly. Our community-driven approach has brought vibrancy and hope to the farmers and community members of the region.”

Naara Aaba invites everyone to experience their premium wines and witness their community-centric operations. “There’s nothing more fulfilling for us than showing you around our home and sharing the fruits of our labor. Let’s begin this fruitful journey together,” added Sangtam.

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