Terms Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010 oppressive and ludicrous law


Photo: John Prabhudoss, Chairman, Federation of Indian-American Christian Organizations (left); Grace Collins, Naga-American Council (center); and James Creaghan, Vice President, Policy Institute for Religion and State (right). (Photo: NAC)


Mokokchung, 26 July (MTNews): The Naga-American Council (NAC) has said that its president Grace Collins recently met with several dignitaries, activists and the media, in support of the Naga people’s right to independence during her recent visit to the US Capitol.


In a press note received here, the NAC claimed that the Nagas never joined the Indian Union by conquest or concession, and that they have been under a forced occupation by the Indian Government since August 14, 1947.


Collins also raised concern over the Manipur riots and why Prime Minister Modi hadn’t denounced the violence where over 200 people were killed, 150 or more critically injured, 60,000 people displaced while 7,500 homes destroyed and an estimate of 400 churches burned since May 3 of this year.


The NAC president Grace Collins met with John Prabhudoss, Chairman of Federation of Indian- American Christian Organizations representing over 1 million Indian Christians in the US at his DC Capitol Hill office. Collins asked his viewpoint of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s joint session of US Congress meeting. Prabhudoss replied, “Allowing PM Modi to speak to a joint session of US Congress is saying we are giving you permission to destroy 400 churches in India and they will become a threat to America.


He went on further to express his dismay “Modi did not say one word about the 400 churches destroyed.” Prabhudoss stated, “Modi refuses to accept the refugees coming from Myanmar because they are Christians. Instead, he calls them ‘illegal immigrants’.”


Prabhudoss further stated that Modi and his team have been “radicalizing Indian American Hindus living in the US. These groups are teaching even American-born Indian kids to hate the Christian way of life. If unchecked, these highly radicalized groups in our neighborhoods will pose a significant threat to American interests and our way of life.”


Also present in the meeting was James P Creaghan, Vice President of Policy Institute for Religion and State. Collins asked him about Modi’s meeting with the Congress. Creaghan’s response was that it was “Unseemingly for this administration to receive him in this manner.”


The NAC press note said that Modi was the only Prime Minister denied a visa and Creaghan was one of the originals who banned Modi’s trip in 2005 when he was Chief Minister of India state of Gujarat. “Collins shook hands with Creaghan and Prabhudoss as the three vowed to work together to gain support for Nagalim’s right to practice Christianity and the right to be an independent nation,” it said.


Earlier that day, Collins attended the Washington Educational and Cultural Attache Association conference and expressed her concerns to over 65 diplomats and former White House protocol officials. Founder of WECAA, Jan DuPlain, and a luminary in diplomatic relations welcomed Collins.


Collins expressed to Duplain how she was “overwhelmed by their sincere concern and has never been so warmly embraced by the diplomatic community since the founding of the Naga-American Council in the past 20 years.”


Later in the evening at the Reagan Center, Collins met briefly with Indian-American Michigan Democratic Congressman Shri Thanedar who was responsible for escorting PM Modi to the US Congress. Collins expressed to Thanedar the Nagass right to self-determination and independence. “Thanedar abruptly terminated the conversation upon understanding her perspective and goal,” NAC said.


NAC said that since Collins’ visit, the US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti has offered assistance to the victims of the Manipur riots. “The United Nations, European Union, the State Department’s Human Rights and International Religious Freedom Department have added their interest and support. All of these major agencies are concerned about the on-going civil war in Manipur,” NAC said.


Sadly, Modi’s Government has said this is an “internal issue” and rejected Garcetti’s offer. This is a direct result of the oppressive Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010 which does not allow foreign direct aid to Naga areas,” added the NAC press note.


Concerned about the denial of aid to Manipur, a territory where some Nagas reside, Collins plans to follow up with Congressman Thanedar and see if he will help repeal this “ludicrous law” of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010.


Collins stated, “If the world is willing to provide aid to places of severe destruction, why should there be a law to stop such help.”

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