The Naga Hoho has unequivocally extended its unwavering support to the United Naga Council (UNC) call for rallies in the Naga areas of Manipur on 9 August 2023 to address the longstanding Naga political issue based on the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM on 3 August 2015.


“This is an important moment for the Nagas to reaffirm their historical and legitimate rights, and collectively strive to achieve the aspirations of our people,” the hoho stated.


Stating that the Nagas have endured immense challenges in their pursuit of political justice and recognition of their identity for decades, the Naga Hoho said that the Framework Agreement represents a “ray of hope and a crucial step” towards resolving the longstanding conflict.


“We firmly believe that resolving the Naga conflict is not only crucial for the Nagas but also for the entire Northeast region,” the hoho stated, adding that lasting peace in the Northeast will have positive geostrategic and economic implications, fostering stability and development for India and the Nagas, as well as neighboring nations in the region.


“While Nagas do not interfere in any other issues, we will not allow any community/agency to stand in the way of our pursuit for Rightful Political Rights,” it added.


The hoho further emphasized that the Nagas have a historical and legitimate claim to their ancestral land and have consistently upheld their right to self-determination.


“We, as a community, have demonstrated our commitment to the peaceful resolution of the Naga political issue through dialogue and negotiations. It is our firm belief that the Nagas’ aspirations do not infringe upon the rights of other communities residing in the region. Therefore, we call upon all communities and neighboring states not to hinder or interfere with the political process that the Nagas have rightfully claimed,” it added.


The hoho further urged the Government of India to honor its commitment to the Framework Agreement and engage in honest and productive dialogues with the Nagas to find a comprehensive and inclusive solution.


“Denying or prolonging the Indo-Naga Peace Process will only perpetuate the suffering and uncertainty in the region,” the hoho added.


The Naga Hoho appealed to all stakeholders involved to respect the rights and dignity of the Nagas and to work together towards achieving a just and lasting peace in the region.


“As we continue on this momentous journey, we reiterate our commitment to a peaceful resolution and look forward to the day when the Nagas can live in harmony, equality, and prosperity with our neighbors and the rest of India,” it added.


NSF supports peaceful rally but stresses adherence to founding principles

The Naga Students Federation (NSF) has expressed its endorsement of the peaceful public rally organized by the United Naga Council (UNC) on 9 August 2023. The NSF emphasized through a press release that no authority should attempt to suppress people from freely expressing their thoughts and desires.


However, the federation has clarified that if any resolution(s) are to be passed during the course of the movement, the NSF will not align with resolutions that contradict the organization’s founding principles or prove detrimental to the overall well-being of the Naga people.


Despite these considerations, the Naga Students Federation remained optimistic that the movement will contribute to the restoration of peace and normalcy in the state of Manipur.



ZCSC endorses ‘Naga People’s Rally’

Meanwhile, the Zomi Council Steering Committee (ZCSC) has expressed its endorsement for the proposed “Naga Peoples Rally.” Describing the ongoing violence in Manipur as a “State-sponsored ethnic cleansing pogrom by the Manipur Government against the Zo people,” which is approaching its 100th day, the ZCSC emphasized the determination of the Zo people to defend their ancestral tribal lands and their survival.


“With the total demographic separation of the Meitei and Zo communities already complete – with each back in their respective ancestral territories-the Total Separation of the Zo people from Manipur is now the only viable and sustainable solution for lasting peace in the region,” it stated. In light of this critical juncture, the Zomi Council Steering Committee (ZCSC) has openly endorsed the proposed “Naga Peoples Rally” scheduled for 9 August across all Naga-inhabited areas of Manipur.


Additionally, the ZCSC affirmed their commitment to fully support the collective Naga sentiment in urging the Government of India to exercise political will and engage in early negotiated solutions to the protracted Indo-Naga political issue, as guided by the ‘spirit of the Framework Agreement’. Furthermore, the ZCSC underscored the pressing need and urgency for a solution that can bring enduring peace to the North Eastern Region of India.


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