Nagaland: 9.5 crore spent from 17th Lok Sabha MPLADs fund

Mokokchung, 23 March (MTNews): The expenditure details of 17th Lok Sabha MPLADs (Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme) fund for Nagaland as of 23rd March 2023 are 9.5 crore, according to data entered/provided by District Authorities in MoSPI.


According to available statistics, MP Tokheho Yepthomi’s constituency entitlement is Rs. 12 crore, of which the GoI has issued all 12 crores.


Meanwhile, the Cumulative amount recommended by Members of Parliament for various MPLADS works was 11.76 crore. The Amount Sanctioned was 9.31 crore while the expenditure incurred was 9.5 crore.


The Percent of Utilisation over Released was 79.17 percent of the total amount released, with a remaining unspent balance of 2.5 crore.


Members of Parliament’s participation under MPLADS are restricted to work suggestions only. Following that, it is the District Authority’s obligation to sanction, execute, and finish the works approved by Members of Parliament within the time frame specified.

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