I am very glad to know that the Nagaland Badminton (NBA) is commemorating its 50th Anniversary by observing the Golden Jubilee of the Association. At the very outset, I extend my congratulations to the NBA on reaching this significant milestone, on behalf of the Olympic fraternity of Nagaland. Our appreciation goes out to all the members of the Association, since its inception, for making appreciable contributions and bringing the Association to its present state. We must specially pay our gratitude to the founding members who must have faced many challenges and difficulties in forming the Association and taking it forward, five decades ago. Their sacrifices have paid rich dividends and it is because of their efforts that we can commemorate fifty years of badminton in Nagaland.

Over the past five decades, the NBA has been a participating and contributing member of the Indian badminton fraternity. Our administrators have played important roles in the national federation. Our players have participated in regional and national events, and our State has hosted several regional and national events. Badminton has also been a key sport that has always been at the centre of the sports scene in Nagaland, holding a high reputation and prestige.

I take this opportunity to extend the appreciation of the Nagaland Olympic Association to the NBA for being an important and contributing member of the Olympic fraternity of Nagaland.
I am happy to place on record that I have also been associated with the game since the time I was a school student and have wonderful “badminton memories” which I will always cherish. As a player, I have fond recollections of winning my first State level event in sub-juniors singles and I went on to play several regional and national championships around the country. In fact, it was badminton that took me to all parts of the north eastern region and different corners of the country, playing tournaments and representing Nagaland. One of the highlights of my sporting days was playing my first national event in New Delhi under Coach Sir Tinu, my first sub-junior nationals in Bangalore under Sir Tali and being the flag bearer of Nagaland when Nagaland qualified for the National Team Championships in Junior Boys for the first time at Vijayawada, under Sir Bongie Konyak. I also have fantastic memories of playing North East Hill University (NEHU) meets in Nagaland and Mizoram. These few snippets indicate what an important role badminton played in shaping my life. It was not always fun, as we also faced several challenges and immense difficulties in our badminton journey. However, the fact remains that it made us stronger and tempered us to face the challenges that awaited us in life. I remain grateful to this beautiful Game.

As the NBA crosses a major milestone and begins a new journey, it is not only a time for celebration but also an occasion to introspect, look back and cast new vision. While appreciating those tireless efforts over fifty years, it is also appropriate that we take the game towards more professionalism and take a scientific approach in promoting the game with the aspiration of creating meaningful careers, producing world champions and making Nagaland and India proud through this sport.

I congratulate the NBA on its Golden Jubilee and wish it all success in its future endeavours while assuring the Association of my support and solidarity.

Let us always promote the spirit of sport under the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Communiter.”


Abu Metha
Vice President, Athletics Federation of India,
Secretary General, Nagaland Olympic Association

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