Dimapur, 27 March (MTNews): The Nagaland Basketball Association (NBA), in collaboration with the Basketball Federation of India and FIBA, successfully organized the WABC Level-1 Program for basketball coaches from 16 to 21 March 2024. Fifteen enthusiastic participants attended the program, which aimed to enhance coaching skills nationwide.

basketball Nagaland
The training was conducted by Arnika Gujar-Patil, a FIBA Facilitator and a renowned figure in Indian basketball. Her accolades include receiving the prestigious “Shiv Chatrapati Award” from the Maharashtra government.

Arnika excelled internationally, notably leading in “Women-Three Points Made” at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. She is currently CEO of Arnikas Sports Academy, coaching Indian women’s teams and serving as head coach for various international championships. Her achievements span from NCAA scholarships to coaching positions in India and abroad.

Arnika aims to nurture youth talent and elevate Indian basketball by focusing on fundamentals through her academy, targeting players under 18 and coaching staff nationwide. With a dedication to the sport’s growth, she continues to inspire and train the next generation of Indian basketball players.

The course provided a platform for young coaches to refine their abilities and elevate their coaching prowess. Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to acquire new skills, which they believe will contribute to producing multi-skilled athletes in the region.

basketball Nagaland

One of the trainees, Reena Rai said, “WABC level one course was an incredible learning program. It not only taught us about basketball and coaching but also gave us the opportunity to unlearn some stuffs.” Her compatriot, Marshal Pashel mentioned, “Never did we dream of this coming to our region. At this juncture, basketball is rapidly growing globally, especially in the northeast, and our region needs qualified young coaches to keep the zeal alive and help provide organized basketball.”

In an era where basketball is experiencing rapid global growth, particularly in the northeast, the need for qualified coaches has never been more pronounced, NBA said in a statement. “The program reflects a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering organized basketball at the grassroots level,” it added.

By equipping coaches with the necessary tools and knowledge, the Nagaland Basketball Association aims to sustain the sport’s momentum and ensure its enduring popularity in the region.

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