Nagaland Congress concludes protest against “anti-democracy” policies of Modi

Kohima, 28 April (MTNews): The Nagaland Congress on Friday concluded its ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’ protest against the “anti-democracy” policies of the Modi government, disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and to demand a probe into the frauds committed by the Adani group.




Congress workers led by NPCC President Supongmeren Jamir and former NPCC President K Therie held a peaceful demonstration at Congress Bhavan, Kohima.


The Satyagraha had been ongoing state-wide and nation-wide as the Congress demanded a probe either by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC), headed by the Supreme Court or monitored by the Chief Justice of India, into the allegations of fraud and stock manipulation against the Adani Group.


Addressing the gathering, former NPCC President, K Therie said that freedom of expression is being curtailed and that the entire government machinery is working to save Adani.


The former president also accused the Modi government of siphoning off public money from the Rafale deal and Demonetization.


Speaking on Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification, he said democracy has collapsed and that “Fascism, authoritative acts of the BJP government should be condemned by all.”


“Today, it has not happened in Nagaland but tomorrow it will. Anybody can get disqualified and, therefore, this must be condemned by all,” Therie said, adding, Satyagraha is needed to save democracy because the government sitting at the center is bent on weakening democracy.

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