Mokokchung, 22 June (MTNews): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has expressed deep concern over the continuous unrest and “internal collapse” witnessed in Manipur for the past seven weeks. In a press release, NPCC president Supongmeren Jamir criticized the government’s silence on the matter while prioritizing international affairs, emphasizing the failure of lawmakers to protect the people.


Jamir highlighted the prolonged duration of the crisis, considering it “appalling” in the context of modern communication and logistics capabilities.


“With the kind of political control and might the current Government has, peace in the valley and the hills should have been brought immediately,” he argued.


Quoting the Supreme Court of India, Jamir described the situation in Manipur as a complete failure of law and order, leading to the loss of innocent lives. He called upon responsible authorities to understand the unique socio-economic aspects of Manipur and critically analyze the politics targeting the region.


During times of crisis, Jamir emphasized that it is the duty of lawmakers to provide guidance, reassurance, and a sense of direction. He urged individuals, regardless of party affiliations or differences, to unite and offer support to the people of Manipur.


“Manipur needs our help; our people need us and we should be there for them setting aside all differences,” he said.


Expressing condolences to those who have lost everything dear to them, Jamir conveyed his belief that the people of Manipur will emerge stronger and once again stand united. He reiterated that Manipur will always be home to its people and expressed hope for the restoration of peace and normalcy.


“We might not fully understand the personal pain the people of Manipur must be going through but we share your pain and plea as fellow Indians,” he concluded.

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