The District Congress Committee (DCC) in Mokokchung organized a celebration of Tsügremmung Festival at the DCC Treasurer’s residence in Alongmen ward on 3 August. The event garnered a significant turnout, with the presence of all DCC leaders and dedicated party workers.




During the occasion, Supongmeren Jamir, the President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) and former MLA, addressed the attendees for the first time since his appointment as president. He attributed his elevation to the post of NPCC President to the exceptional performance of the Mokokchung DCC in the previous election, highlighting their hard work and dedication.


Jamir expressed concerns about the prevailing violence in Manipur, stating that it is part of the RSS agenda to target Christians in the BJP-ruled state. He warned that if not addressed, similar issues might arise in Nagaland in the future, emphasizing the need for vigilance.


Touching upon the absence of opposition in the state government, Jamir emphasized the vital role of the Congress party in voicing concerns and holding the government accountable.


Regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled for the first half of the next year, Jamir mentioned the formation of a committee to assess the viability of candidates. He revealed that four individuals have already submitted their applications to contest from the party. However, he assured that the final choice will be made based on the best person who can represent the interests of the Naga people and align with the people’s sentiments.


In his address, Jamir stressed crucial values like unity, discipline, honesty, respect, and hard work, even in the face of being in opposition without an MLA in the government. He encouraged the party workers to maintain discipline and mutual respect, seek guidance from experienced leaders, and strive to produce MLAs from the Congress party through diligent efforts.


Commending the dedication of the members, Jamir inspired them, asserting that each one possesses leadership qualities that can propel the Congress party forward. The event served as a platform to strengthen the party’s resolve and foster camaraderie among the attendees, laying the foundation for a united and dynamic Congress party in Mokokchung.


The festivities also witnessed short speeches from various prominent figures, including P Senti Tzudir, PCC member from 21 Tuli AC; Bendangkokba of 23 Impur AC; Toshipokba, former MLA of 26 Aonglenden AC; Moa Emchen, PCC Member from 27 Mokokchung Town AC; and Imkongyanger of 28 Koridang AC.


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