Dimapur, 20 April (MTNews): Nagaland police, in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal police, have apprehended an alleged drug trafficker, Md Hassan Uddin, also known as Hasan Mamu. Hassan, a resident of Dimapur’s Murgi Patti area and operator of a medical shop, was arrested in Arunachal Pradesh.

The arrest follows an intensive investigation into another case, revealing Hassan’s alleged involvement in drug trafficking. A coordinated effort was initiated, leading to a joint operation by law enforcement agencies across Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and West Bengal.

According to Nagaland Police, Hassan utilized the postal delivery system of India Post to dispatch parcels of morphine from Dimapur to West Bengal. The morphine, believed to have been sourced from Moreh, was intercepted by West Bengal police in Barrackpore during February 2024. The seized parcels contained a total of 2 kilograms of morphine valued at approximately Rs. 8 crores.

Hassan Mamu, according to the police, has a documented history of narcotics-related offenses, with alleged involvement extending to his brother, Kamal Uddin, and others.

‘War Against Drugs’
Nagaland’s ‘War Against Drugs,’ led by Nagaland Police, continues its efforts to combat the widespread availability and usage of synthetic drugs and psychotropic substances. Intensive checking of vehicles, raids on establishments such as hotels and restaurants, and other preventive measures have been intensified to curb illegal activities.

In a recent development, the State Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) and State Police have acquired a state-of-the-art 4K Spectral Camera, enhancing capabilities to develop and capture fingerprints even on porous surfaces and latent or hidden fingerprints.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that some accused persons arrested in other cases were involved in previous instances of drug trafficking, even while on bail.

Nagaland Police said that the prevalence of drug abuse among youths has caused significant distress to families across Nagaland. It urged the public to report drug dealers and traffickers while advising against providing any form of support to these elements detrimental to society.

Nagaland Police also cautioned individuals against purchasing properties acquired from the profits of drug trade as such properties are liable for forfeiture under the strict provisions of the NDPS Act.

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