Kohima, 24 February (MTNews): Under corporate social responsibility (CSR), Bank of Baroda and the Nagaland Police have inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 23 February 2024. This agreement introduces a special salary package for the police force, aimed at enhancing their financial security and wellbeing.

Nagaland Police
A Memorandum of Understanding under Corporate Social Responsibly was signed between bank of Baroda and Nagaland Police on 23/02/2024. (DIPR)

Under the scheme, several major benefits have been outlined. These include free personal accident insurance coverage for all salaried personnel, whether on-duty or off-duty. Additionally, the package offers higher education coverage for the children of police personnel, as well as provisions for transportation of mortal remains.

One of the notable features of the scheme is the personal accident insurance (PAI) cover, which extends from the age of 18 to 80 years or until the individual’s retirement age. Furthermore, the MoU includes the provision of coverage for death during active operations under the personal accident insurance. “The signing of this MoU will go a long way in promoting the financial wellbeing of the police personnel and assured insurance in times of accidents and fatalities,” a DIPR report stated.

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