Impur, February 14 (MTNews): Executive Secretary of the Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM), Rev Dr Mar Pongener in a message has reminded that Nagaland is a Christian majority state and that, if not for all, the majority of the leaders are Christian. Hence, he said, people should choose leaders who walk the talk as Christians and who can courageously voice out on their behalf for justice and protection of the minorities from all sorts of atrocities in the hands of the majority.


In the message, the Executive Secretary said that while slogans for development and a better future of society are embraced, “we are encouraged to be critical and sensitive towards any political party whose agendas are exclusively entangled with a particular religion.”


He further said, “Their subversive fanatical stance challenges in altering cultural and social ideologies against any tendency that opposes their exclusive claims overlooking the contemporary secular society and refusing to embrace one another fully in harmony.”

(Read full text here)

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