Jalukie, 22 May (MTNews): The International Day for Biological Diversity 2024 was commemorated under the theme “Be Part of The Plan” at Jubilee Hall, St. Xavier Parish, Jalukie Town, Peren on 22 May 2024.

International Day for Biodiversity 2024 jalukie
Facilitated by the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board (NSBB) in collaboration with the Care-Centre for Environment and Rural Poor (C-CERP), the event commenced with a welcome address from Liangsi Niumai, Director of C-CERP. She emphasized the intrinsic link between biological diversity, life, and health, reminding attendees of the imperative to restore and safeguard our natural heritage.

Chief Conservator of Forest and Member Secretary, Supongnukshi, IFS, delivered the keynote address, urging student participants to actively engage in planetary conservation efforts. He delineated the significance of International Biodiversity Day and underscored the pivotal role of the Biodiversity Management Committee in preserving bio resources, particularly highlighting the esteemed Intangki National Park. Stressing the pressing need to combat climate change, he rallied for collective action to mitigate its adverse effects on biodiversity.

ACF, Peren Division, Punseni Khing echoed the sentiment of responsibility towards biodiversity protection, lamenting the asymmetry between exploitation and conservation efforts. He pinpointed the proliferation of hamlets (villages) as a grave threat to Nagaland’s biodiversity, urging concerted action to address this issue sustainably.

President of Zeliang People Organization, Kevipele Iheilung, emphasized biodiversity conservation, delineating concerns regarding land degradation and the introduction of non-local species. He championed traditional agricultural practices and advocated for the preservation of indigenous species vital for ecosystem balance.

President of Zeliang Students’ Union, Adaube Hiekha, lauded the Forest Department for their unwavering support in safeguarding Intangki National Park. He highlighted the pivotal role of local communities in biodiversity conservation, urging advocacy for conservation policies.

President of Zeliang Students’ Union, Peren District, Kingsalt Hegwang, reiterated the collective responsibility towards biodiversity conservation, emphasizing individual action starting from one’s home. A representative from the 16 Biodiversity Management Committees stressed the importance of collaborative efforts, urging government support to bolster their endeavors.

Participants pledged allegiance to the cause, committing to support biodiversity restoration and sustainable utilization of bio resources for future generations. Recognition was accorded to student achievers and BMCs through prize distribution and certificates of appreciation.

The event’s special guest, Field Director of Intangki National Park, T Aochuba, IFS, elucidated on the repercussions of biodiversity loss on future generations. He elucidated the global significance of International Day for Biological Diversity, derived from the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, emphasizing the imperative of widespread awareness and sensitization towards resource conservation.

Field Coordinator of C-CERP, A. Mosonio Chachei, extended gratitude to all the speakers and participants and to the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board for their support, concluding the event which notably adhered to eco-friendly practices, abstaining from single-use plastic materials.

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