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Mokokchung, 10 February (MTNews): The Central Nagaland Students’ Association (CNSA) has taken exception to a statement made by the Advisor of School Education, Nagaland, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome to exclude Ao and Sumi tribes from primary teacher recruitment for the next ten years.

The CNSA also condemned his “belligerence” while defending his “gibberish statement,” saying that it merits his removal as Advisor School Education.

The CNSA said it strongly condemns the Advisor’s “senseless and regressive remarks,” saying, “His subsequent clarification later questioning AKM and SKK representatives who attended the consultative meeting on 6th of February for not questioning him on the spot for his statement has rubbed more salt into the wounds of the two tribes.”

Being a first time legislator and assigned as Advisor, School Education to assist the Chief Minister, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome is expected to function as per the given role without straying into policy domain which is the exclusive prerogative of the State Cabinet, the CNSA stated.

“The malady in School Education has been the scourge of all Ministers and Advisors before him but this does not give him the leeway to single out particular tribes. While we appreciate the initiative to clean up the School Education department, the focus on bringing changes through the prism of tribal politics and equations is loaded with dangerous consequences,” it further stated.

Stating that the “belligerence of Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome while defending his gibberish statement merits his removal as Advisor School Education,” the CNSA has drawn the attention of the Chief Minister for his intervention to “douse the divisive fire ignited against Ao and Sumi tribes.”

CNSA said that every right thinking citizen must rise up to the occasion when such attempts are being made to defame and deprive the two tribes through what it called a “well calculated move in the garb of sweeping changes.”

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