Chumoukedima, 20 October (MTNews): Nagaland Legislative Assembly Speaker, Sharingain Longkumer, said that Civil Service officers represent the government and that they should lead their teams effectively, as their performance directly influences the public’s perception of the government.

Speaker, NLA, Sharingain Longkumer, pictured with Executive members and officials at the 46th NCSA General Conference
Speaker, NLA, Sharingain Longkumer, pictured with Association members and officials at the 46th NCSA General Conference (DIPR)

Speaking at the 46th General Conference of the Nagaland Civil Service Association (NCSA) on 20 October at Niathu Resort in Chumoukedima, Sharingain Longkumer, who graced the conference as a special guest, urged the NCS (Nagaland Civil Service) officers to set and maintain high standards of excellence in their profession. He emphasized the vital role that civil servants play in impacting the well-being of citizens through their efficient performance of duties.

Longkumer highlighted the evolving role of civil servants in a rapidly changing society. He emphasized that governance in Nagaland has become more grassroots-oriented, with districts and villages receiving substantial funding. He stressed the importance of NCS officers guiding rural communities toward economic growth and prosperity, given the lack of experience and expertise in village-level functionaries.

The Speaker underlined the importance of NCS officers’ diverse field experiences in bridging gaps in government policies and providing critical inputs for more effective governance. He expressed his belief that the government is committed to improving cadre management and enhancing the capacity of NCS officers through training and analysis to ensure efficient and transparent administration.

Moreover, Longkumer encouraged the officers to seize opportunities for training and stay relevant in this age of communication and information technology. He expressed hope that they would continue to grow in stature and competence.

Chief Secretary J Alam, in his keynote address, acknowledged the officers as a vital institution responsible for implementing state government laws and policies, serving as agents of social change and economic development. He commended officers who have worked in challenging conditions and contributed to improving the lives of the people.

Alam emphasized the need for NCS officers to create a culture of innovation, upgrade their skills, and embrace values of integrity, transparency, and accountability. He mentioned that the time for generalists is over, and specialists should take the lead, encouraging self-reflection and problem-solving.

The inaugural program included a tribute to deceased officers, a short film highlighting NCS officers’ community service, a special performance by the NCSA Band, and felicitation of retired officers.

The 46th General Conference also featured interactive and business sessions, themed “To Greater Heights,” with Advisor to the Chief Minister, Abu Metha, as the special guest.

Additionally, the event hosted the 2nd Edition of the NCSA singing competition, which included Inter-District solo and Inter-Group singing competitions, with Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Nagaland, Kevekha Kevin Zhehol, NCS, as the special guest.

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