Mokokchung, 25 March (MTNews): The Rising Peoples’ Party (RPP) has issued a clarion call to all the people of the state to rise above partisan politics and vote for Supongmeren, the Congress candidate for the state’s lone Lok Sabha seat. Stating that setting up an RPP candidate would split the “anti-fascist, anti-PDA votes,” rendering both parties weakened for future electoral battles ahead, particularly the 2028 state general elections, the RPP appealed to its party workers and sympathizers to support the Congress candidate.

According to the RPP, the outcome of this election will also be a “referendum” for or against the PDA government.

“In the last assembly election held in 2023, the opposition-less PDA government garnered 95.29% of the total votes cast in the state. The Lok Sabha election is a truer gauge of people’s feelings and therefore the RPP appeals to every single voter to come out from their comfort zone and vote against the PDA government which has failed on every developmental parameter and created a “Failed state” such as ours,” stated the RPP, adding that the fight for the unfulfilled dream for “Change” carries on.

Acknowledging that Nagas have persistently called for change, the RPP views the Lok Sabha election as the “right time for the people of Nagaland to set an example by coming to the forefront en masse to elect a good leader to represent the Nagas.”

“Unlike the state assembly elections which are won or lost on grounds of money power and village, range and tribal politics, perhaps this election should set the tone that Naga voters are progressive – mindful of the fact that people and poor centric ideology and good leaders matter for the well-being of the state or country,” stated the RPP.

The RPP stated that they are not fielding any candidate in the upcoming election and have decided to support the candidacy of the Congress party since the Congress is a pan-India party and, along with its allies, is fighting for the “Soul of India,” which is inclusivity and diversity.

“Though regional in outlook, the RPP shares the same ideology and principles with the Congress when it comes to inclusivity and decency in politics,” added the RPP.

In this battle of ideologies for the “Idea of India,” the RPP expressed that they feel the Congress is also best placed to lead the battle in the state.

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