Kohima, 28 September (MTNews): Advisor for CAWD & Taxes and Nagaland Wushu President Kudecho Khamo delivered a key message today during the organization’s annual general meeting held at the President’s residence in New Minister Hill, Kohima. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing sports talent from the grassroots level, Khamo stated, “To develop sportspeople, we need to focus on the grassroots level.” He highlighted the potential for the younger generation to pursue Wushu as a profession.


Advisor Khamo also stressed the need to promote the Wushu discipline in the state, acknowledging that Wushu is relatively new in Nagaland. He emphasized the pressing need to promote the sport at the grassroots level.


Despite the Wushu team’s success in achieving medals in the Northeast Olympics, Khamo pointed out that more significant efforts are required for players to excel at the national and international levels. He called upon the association to collaborate effectively, enabling Wushu to become a household name in Nagaland. Khamo also urged the association to operate under a structured system and provide better facilities for the youth.


Akhozo, Vice President of the NWA, echoed Khamo’s sentiments during his address. He emphasized the necessity for the association to prepare a larger platform for state players, enabling them to compete at the highest levels of competition.


The meeting witnessed the formulation of various resolutions aimed at advancing Wushu’s prospects in Nagaland. A notable decision was the association’s plan to approach schools and introduce Wushu as a part of their curriculum. This initiative seeks to nurture talent from an early age and promote grassroots coaching programs.


Additionally, the assembly addressed the upcoming state-level Wushu championship, deciding to align the event’s date with the Nagaland Olympics announcement. This coordination aims to synchronize the championship with the broader sports calendar in the state, ensuring maximum participation and exposure.


Recognizing the importance of structured development, the NWA resolved to take proactive measures by engaging Deputy Commissioners and District Sports Council chairpersons in Kiphire, Nuiland, and Tseminyu. The objective is to facilitate the formation of District Wushu Associations in these regions, thereby decentralizing Wushu activities and nurturing talent at the district level.


Seven representatives from district-affiliated associations actively participated in the general meeting. To further enhance coaching and officiating standards, the NWA has scheduled a state-level coaching and judges’ seminar at the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) office in Kohima, slated for Thursday, 28 September.

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