In the world of cricket, Nagaland’s leg-spinner Khrievitso Kense is emerging as a subject of interest among cricket fans as the IPL auctions approach. Representing a region not commonly associated with cricket, Kense was the only cricketer from Nagaland who also became the youngest Indian player in the IPL auction pool in 2022.

Khrievitso Kense cricket Nagaland
Khrievitso Kense

Discussions on Twitter reflect the modest yet growing interest in Kense. Users highlight his distinctive attributes, including a tall and deceptive action, positioning him as a potential backup spinner for teams. Kense’s trials with Mumbai Indians in the previous year contributed to the speculation surrounding his potential selection.

As conversations brew about Mumbai Indians’ choices in the auction, Kense’s name continues to surface. Fans express cautious optimism, acknowledging him as a potential asset for the team. For one cricket fan, Kense’s leg-spin variations caught his eye during the “Nagaland vs UP” match in SMAT (Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy) where, according to the fan, Kense’s variations weren’t picked by seasoned batters like Nitish Rana and Rinku Sameer Rizwi.

“When I did more research, I was pleasantly surprised that he was called for trials last year by Mumbai Indians. I won’t be surprised if he is picked up by some team as a backup spinner, and he could be this year’s Suyash Sharma,” the fan shared on X.

“Khrievitso Kense – should finally land that hammer with the words ‘Sold to Mumbai Indians. Leggie,’” another added.

Meanwhile, responding to a question on whether there were any domestic Indian spinners whom Mumbai Indians can target in the auction, a fan responded, “19 years old leg spinner from Nagaland,” adding, “Kense looks really potential though. He is a bit different from other leggies. Tall and deceptive action.”

For one user, in a list of current leg-spinners, Kense’s name appears alongside established players, emphasizing the rarity of representation from Nagaland in the cricketing landscape.

Another user, while responding to a question about future talents and hidden gems in domestic cricket, said it was the leggie from Nagaland, Khrievitso Kense. “Invest in local talent to garner some magic,” the fan added.

The significance of this news lies in the infrequent presence of individuals from Nagaland in Indian cricket. As the IPL auctions draw near, cricket enthusiasts are keenly watching to see how Kense’s story unfolds, recognizing the importance of diversity and the potential introduction of fresh talent from an underrepresented region.

The IPL Auction 2024 is set to be held at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. This is the very first time in the history of IPL that the auction is set to happen outside India. The deadline for player registration ended on 30 November. This year, a total of 1166 players have registered for the auction, of which 830 are Indians and the rest 336 are overseas players.

The list also includes 212 capped players, 909 uncapped players, and 45 associate players (players from the ICC’s associate nations). It could not be confirmed whether Nagaland’s Kense have registered for the auction.

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