Mokokchung, 26 September (MTNews): In an effort to combat the escalating menace of synthetic drugs, psychotropic substances, and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) among the youth, the Nagaland Police have initiated comprehensive Statewide Operations across all districts. These operations encompass extensive vehicle checks, raids, and inspections of various establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, to curtail illegal activities related to drug and alcohol consumption.


In a press release, the Nagaland Police affirmed their commitment to safeguarding the youth from the adverse effects of drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. Subsequently, the fortnightly report from 1 – 15 September regarding detections and seizures was released.


A total of 16 people were arrested in 14 cases, with 12 arrested for possessing narcotics and psychotropic substances, and 4 arrested for possessing IMFL. Among the items seized were 1369 Spasmo Proxyvon and other tablets, 163.6 grams of Brown Sugar, and 464 bottles of IMFL.


The Nagaland Police further appealed to the general public to provide information about the sale or distribution of any form of narcotics, drugs, or IMFL to the nearest Police Station or Narcotic Police Station. The Closed User Group (CUG) phone numbers of various Nagaland Police Officers and Police Stations are available in the ‘Call Your Cop’ mobile app. The identity of the informant shall be kept confidential, it added.

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