Chumoukedima, 30 October (MTNews): The Nagaland Armed Police (NAP) India Reserve (IR) Battalions stationed in Zhadima, Kohima, and at Chumoukedima Police Complex have raised concerns regarding a significant reduction in their Dearness Allowances (DA) for election duty outside the state. Originally set at Rs 1500 per day, the DA was abruptly cut down to Rs 450 per day, sparking outrage among the IR jawans. The protest began on October 29 when the 10th NAP IR Battalion rallied at Shokuvi Train Station, and the 11th IR Battalion joined the demonstration at Chumoukedima Police Complex.

The bone of contention is primarily the honorarium payment allocated for election duty scheduled in Mizoram on November 7. Government guidelines dictate that IR jawans are entitled to receive Rs 1500 per head for such duties. However, the recent reduction in their payments to Rs 450 has left them feeling unfairly treated and agitated.

The Home Department of Nagaland has taken note of the situation and announced that they are actively investigating the issue. The department has assured the protesting battalions that the matter is currently under review. Furthermore, they have pledged to ensure that the honorarium payments align with government guidelines and standards. The Home Department has committed to resolving the issue and disbursing the revised payments by the evening of October 30.

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