1) The NDPP once again extends its appreciation to the electorates of the areas where the elections to the ULBs were held for the overwhelming mandate that has been reposed upon the NDPP and the PDA coalition under the visionary leadership of the Honourable Chief Minister Shri Neiphiu Rio. The Party extends its congratulations to the newly formed ULBs, irrespective of party colour and wishes each and every member a successful tenure.

2) The NDPP takes the overwhelming mandate of the people in the ULB polls with humility and gratefulness. Similarly we accept the verdict of the Lok Sabha elections as we respect the voice and mandate of the masses. The NDPP would like to assure the people in a firm and clear manner that we will continue to uphold the voice of the Naga people and will always make every possible effort towards protection of our rights, culture, history and heritage. We will stand for justice to minorities and will never compromise on our religion and we assure that the NDPP will steadfastly stand up for the constitutional guarantee of secularism. The NDPP is deeply rooted in the ideology of regionalism and it is our utmost responsibility to ensure that we constantly uphold, protect the aspirations of the people and carry the voice of the masses.

3) The NDPP takes this opportunity to clarify to the public the actual position of the Party with regard to the recent ULB elections. It was the proposal of the BJP that the BJP would field only its candidates in the assembly constituencies where the sitting members are BJP MLAs and likewise for the constituencies where NDPP MLAs are sitting members. On the other hand the NDPP had suggested for friendly contests. After discussion between leaders of both parties in Nagaland and in Delhi it was decided that the spirit of the alliance will be adhered. In this principle, the NDPP and the BJP would field candidates in the respective assembly constituencies which are represented by 25 NDPP MLAs and 12 BJP MLAs. In the remaining 23 constituencies there would be friendly contests if necessary. It was also agreed that in selected areas there would be local arrangements for friendly contests between the two parties.

4) Unfortunately in contravention to the agreed principle, NDPP party leaders were poached and offered BJP tickets under Chumoukedima town council. This had antagonised our party functionaries at the grassroots level resulting in our Party fielding official candidates under the Chumoukedima town council. Prior to this, our party leaders led by our Hon’ble MLA incharge of the district had also called on BJP leaders to formulate a formula wherein both the parties could participate in the elections with understanding. Unfortunately a working formula could not be formulated under Chumoukedima town council. Despite these aspects, the NDPP did not field a single candidate in the Nuiland town council election as a gesture of mutual respect and in observance of the spirit of the alliance. The party was also surprised when camping has started for the Dimapur Municipal Council outside the state in Assam.

5) However, in the aftermath of the elections and the declaration of the results, the NDPP leadership had taken the mature and big hearted decision to maintain the spirit of the alliance throughout the State and work in close cooperation in a collective manner with our alliance partner in the greater interest of the citizens of the State. The NDPP shall follow an inclusive approach and continue to maintain the positive teamwork that has been built up over the past years. We will not allow electoral differences in the local elections to hamper our common vision of all round  development and progress of Nagaland.

6) The Party has a vision and a plan to take an innovative and fresh approach to development and governance in the urban local bodies so that we make united efforts to make up for the lost years of two decades and also to set a benchmark to urban growth and progress. Towards this aspiration, we appeal to all sections to unite under a spirit of oneness and let the differences of elections be buried so that Nagaland marches forward striving towards excellence with the contributions of one and all.



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