Kohima, 19 April (MTNews): As the polls to the 18th Sabha election 2024 for 1 Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency culminated on Friday, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) congratulated and thanked all the electorates of the State for coming forward to exercise their universal adult franchise by casting their votes for the candidate of their choice.

In a press statement, NDPP said electoral battles are contested by responsible political parties to ensure the victory of their chosen candidates, but it is the voice of the people that enable those parties and candidates to get elected. “Today, the electorates of Nagaland have once again ensured that democracy has emerged victorious,” NDPP said.

The NDPP said it has, throughout the course of the election period, maintained a dignified and matured campaign by focusing on the achievements and visions of the party despite its opponents “resorting to mudslinging and indiscriminate personalised attacks on our leaders and the party.”

The NDPP said that it was unfortunate that the focus of the political campaign of its opponents have been based on such propagandas rather than on their visions for development and the future of the Naga people.

“Nonetheless, the NDPP as a mature and responsible political party has restrained ourselves from resorting to such politicking and for that we also give our appreciation to our leaders and the rank and file for the NDPP for having concentrated their focus on taking forward the policies and programs of the party and the government to the people and not resorting to negative politics,” it said.

“We had assured the people and the Election Commission of India of our full-fledged support towards the strengthening of the democratic foundations of the country and accordingly we have strictly adhered to the Model Code of Conduct,” the NDPP added.

The NDPP said that its aim has always been to strive for unity and added that it will continue to overcome the forces of division and polarisation. “Our political campaigns have been firmly founded in our 2023 manifesto that aspires to take Nagaland towards a State of Excellence,” it said.

The NDPP further said, “Our campaigns have been based on our vision for Nagaland and its citizens, and we have refrained from any form of rhetoric, polarisation and divisive politics. We have avoided narrow tribalism or communal agendas because we understand that elections will come and go but we have to live together as one Naga family for all times to come.”

The NDPP also congratulated all sections of the electorate of Nagaland who have come out in huge numbers to exercise their universal adult franchise, especially the first-time voters. “We express our appreciation to all members of the PDA and the political parties of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), all of whom have tirelessly worked for the PDA Consensus Candidate,” it said.

It also expressed appreciation to the central leaders under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Home Minister Shri Amit Shah and BJP National President JP Nadda for their committed support towards the progress and development of Nagaland.

The NDPP also congratulated the government machinery and the Election Commission of India, led by the CEO and the State Election Department for successfully conducting the most peaceful elections. The support from all sections of the people has also positively contributed towards the success of the elections, it said. The NDPP also appreciated the other candidates who were also in the fray and urged them and all the political parties to respect the mandate of the people, irrespective of whatever may be the final result, so that we can collectively work towards the all-round progress and development of Nagaland.

“Let us all make Nagaland stronger and let us all ensure that every citizen of Nagaland is a member of Team Nagaland, the NDPP concluded.,” it concluded.

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