The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has welcomed the recent statement by the Eastern Nagaland Legislators Union (ENLU) regarding the ongoing demand of the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) for a Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT).

In a statement issued on 16 June by the NDPP Media & Communications Committee, it said, “The ENLU is a body comprising of all 20 Honorable MLAs of the eastern region and cuts across political affiliations as its members comprise of MLAs who belong to different political parties including independents.”

The statement further stated that the NDPP endorses the stand and appeal of the ENLU, who have stated that the ENPO issue should not be politicized nor used for exploitation for political mileage. The party also appealed to all sections to work collectively in the greater interest of Naga society so that it can be worked towards unity and oneness. “All sections should refrain from issuing immature statements and avoid attempts to exploit the sensitive issue for short term political gains,” it added.

The NDPP also stated that the State Government under the “mature leadership of the Honorable Chief Minister, Mr. Neiphiu Rio, is making all possible efforts to ensure that the issue is resolved as early as possible in a manner that is beneficial and acceptable to the entire Naga family.”

“We are all aware that the State Government has made it categorically clear that it supports the aspirations of the people of Eastern Nagaland and has even recommended the institution of an autonomous body so long as the unity and integrity of Nagaland is protected,” it added. According to the statement, the party has also supported on the same line and endorsed the recommendation of the State Government.

The NDPP further appealed to the democratically elected representatives of the Eastern Region and the mass based civil society organizations to carry out consultations and deliberations so that the best way forward can be formulated, wherein there is teamwork and shared responsibility.

“The elected representatives and the civil society organizations should sit across the table, discuss the hurdles collectively and formulate methods that will ensure that the aspirations of the people are collectively addressed,” it continued.

The party and all its members, while appreciating the stand and efforts of the State Government and the ENLU, reiterated their support for the aspirations of the people of Eastern Nagaland to achieve their developmental goals within the united Naga family.

“The early resolution of the issue through the democratic process of consultations, transparent deliberations and collective responsibility under a spirit of unity and oneness is the desire of all sections,” it added.

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