After weeks of tireless work by all sections and different political parties, as the campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in the State draws to a close, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) extends our immense gratitude to the people of Nagaland for the overwhelming support that we have received in every nook and corner of the State. The positive participation of the people along with healthy debates has contributed towards strengthening the democratic foundations. It is through such mass participation that our citizens are contributing towards the nation-building process and in upholding the Constitution of India.

Even as large parts of Nagaland have contributed towards a vibrant democracy, there are sections in the eastern part of the State that have called upon the people to abstain from voting. While the NDPP respects the freedom to choose, we reiterate our appeal to all the electorates of Nagaland to participate in the exercise of the Universal Adult Franchise, which is one of the most sacred aspects of the Constitution of India.

The NDPP further directs all its members not to resort to any means of force, violence, coercion or confront any section of society. If citizens are unwilling to vote it is their choice and actions to forcefully make them vote should not be undertaken in any manner. It is once again highlighted that voter impersonation is unlawful and no member of the Party should embark on such activities under any given circumstances. The aspirations of the citizens must always be respected.

The NDPP appeals for peace and tranquility so that voting can take place in a safe and smooth manner in each and every polling station across the State. We extend advance congratulations to the first time voters and assure the entire machinery of the Election Commission of India our full fledged support in this ultimate court of democracy. May the people’s voice emerge triumphant!

Facta Non Verba!

(Issued by NDPP Media & Communication Committee)

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