In the realm of Nagaland athletics, a young prodigy has emerged, capturing the hearts and admiration of sports enthusiasts across the region. Miss Neshe Maonyu Konyak, hailing from the serene village of Wangshu in Tobu, Mon district, has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Neshe Maonyu Konyak
Neshe Maonyu Konyak

Born on 2 April 2010 to proud parents Mr Kossam Konyak and Mrs Nengmai Konyak, Neshe’s journey in athletics began at a tender age, fueled by her passion for running. Now at the age of 13, she continues to soar to greater heights, showcasing her remarkable talent and dedication to the sport.

Representing the Government Higher Secondary School in Peren district, Neshe recently made headlines at the Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games 2024, where she left an indelible mark with her outstanding performances. In the fiercely competitive 100m women’s category, Neshe blazed past her opponents, clinching the Gold medal with a remarkable time of 13.89 seconds, a testament to her speed and agility on the track.

But Neshe’s triumph didn’t end there. In the grueling 4x400m mixed relay, she once again displayed her prowess, leading her team to victory and securing another Gold medal for Peren district. Her stellar performances not only earned her accolades but also showcased her potential as a future star in Indian athletics.

Despite her young age, Neshe’s achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across Nagaland, proving that with determination and hard work, dreams can indeed become reality. As she continues her journey in the world of athletics, all eyes are on Neshe Maonyu Konyak, a shining beacon of hope for the future of Nagaland sports.

With each stride she takes, Neshe embodies the spirit of perseverance and excellence, reminding us all that greatness knows no boundaries. As she continues to chase her dreams, one thing is certain – the future of Nagaland athletics is brighter with Neshe Maonyu Konyak leading the way.

(Courtesy: NOA)
Ms Neshe Maonyu Konyak, representing Peren district, was awarded the Outstanding Sportswoman award in the recently held Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games 2024.


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