The Nagaland Football Association (NFA) conducted a selection trial on July 5-6, 2024, for players born between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2010, for the Junior (Boys) National Football Championship 2024-25. K Neibou Sekhose, President of the Nagaland Football Association, informed that a total of 83 players attended the trial, and 31 players have been enlisted for the final trial camp.

The selected players have been requested to attend the trial camp at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Kohima, starting from July 9, 2024. All players have been instructed to bring their original documents for age verification. They are also required to bring their own bedsheet and pillow.

The players are asked to report to Shri William Koso, an AFC “A” License holder and Chairman of the Selection Committee, by 12 noon.

The selected players are as follows:

· Hahao Chonloi, Goalkeeper
· Thangginhao Singson, D.Mid
· Nahpan, L.Mid
· Moamanen, D.Mid
· Manpa Konyak, Defence
· Thegovizo Medoze, C. Defence
· Viselie Vasa, S. Defence
· Vinoto S Yeptho, Goalkeeper
· Bodevi Kite, Striker
· Khrieketoutuo Kire, Defence
· Khosayi Chakhesang, Goalkeeper
· YS Chingmak, C. Mid
· Seminlun Lhangal, L. Mid
· Atsibu Medoze, R. Mid
· Hongpe Yongwen, Defence
· Kevitsizo Nakhro, Goalkeeper
· Yinpei Kn Antehu, R. Mid
· Kimthrong Quinker, C. Mid
· Hokhovi Rhetso, Defence
· Neihelie Mephfu-O, L. Mid
· Menolhusie Rino, L.Mid
· Thejo Puro, L.Mid
· Kevibulie Kaimo, Striker
· Thejaneizo Chiitso, Striker
· Ayhunlo Chung, Striker
· Sinlo Seb, L. Mid
· Kekhriesilie Yhome, Striker
· Ketouselie Thome, L. Defence
· Inuka Achumi, Mid
· Medovituo Whuorie, L. Mid
· Joseph Lokido Janger, C. Mid


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