Niuland, 20 November (MTNews): Under the leadership of ADC Niuland, Sara Jamir, the District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meeting for Niuland took place on November 20, 2023, at the DC Niuland conference hall.

DC Niuland, Sara Jamir NCS, Addressing the DPDB Niuland
DC Niuland, Sara Jamir NCS, Addressing the DPDB Niuland (DIPR)

The board unanimously agreed to submit a proposal to the Government for the inclusion of Niuland District under the Nagaland Special Development Zone (NSDZ).

DC Niuland emphasized Niuland’s strategic geographical position such as touching the Foothill Road, and sought support for the proposed Showuba to Pangsha 2-lane road, and several other key routes. A meeting with stakeholders, including GBs, VCs, and landowners, was held to garner local support for the district’s development.

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Other key agendas included the approval of society registration for Zoe Theatre and Art Association, Nihoto village; the upgradation of GMS Zutoi to GHS under Aghunaqa circle, and the recognition of Anato village. These proposals were recommended to higher authorities for necessary action. ADC Niuland, Athsangla Yimkhum, highlighted the upcoming Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra, scheduled to commence on December 20 and conclude on January 25, 2023, as a national awareness campaign. A PowerPoint presentation by the H&FW department showcased the health profile activities in the Niuland district.

Sara Jamir urged cooperation from all officers and appealed to district HODs holding dual charges to contribute equally, fostering Niuland district’s self-sufficiency. The meeting concluded with a note of thanks from the Chairperson.

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Meanwhile, in a gathering at the DC conference hall on November 20, 2023, the Tseminyu District Development Planning Board (DPDB) meeting was convened under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner and Vice-Chairman DPDB, Rohit Singh IAS. The agenda included discussions on society registration for the Rengma Seniors Citizens Forum Tseminyu, which was forwarded to the concerned department for further action. An appeal was made to Village Councils to collaborate with the Power Department for the clearance of jungle/vegetation along power line corridors.

The meeting also addressed development action plans and proposals for the upcoming financial year, 2024-2025, showcasing a commitment to strategic planning and progress in Tseminyu District.

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