Mokokchung, January 25 (MTNews): Launching into a tirade against prospective candidates rushing for the BJP and NDPP tickets to contest the ensuing general elections, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has called it “an epidemic of foolishness for which there is no medicine to cure.”


NPCC president K Therie on Wednesday said in a statement that many candidates are guided by village election committees. “It is something like a teacher being taught by the students or professors being guided by innocent students,” he said.


In Nagaland, Therie said, “most advanced areas are guided by the decision of unconscious mob. MLAs are elected and their only work is to loot money and buys votes.”


On the NDPP’s 2018 slogan “Change is coming,” Therie asked if anyone has seen any change. “Has anyone seen any change upon our roads? Has anyone noticed improvement in power supply? Has the drinking water supply improved? Have our schools improved? Have we got Medical College? Has anyone seen the Outdoor Stadium under construction for over 30 years?” Therie asked, alleging that NDPP has been fooling the people “but still people liked.”


“Our cities and towns are turning to slum areas. Our roads are dusty in winter and muddy in summer. We have the most erratic power supply. We do not have water supply at Kohima and Dimapur. The basic amenities are in their lowest status,” Therie claimed. “Niti-Aayog termed Nagaland State as the worst performing state. But still people like it,” Therie remarked.


The Congress chief went on to say that rampant backdoor appointments, nepotism, bias and ill-will are the norm. “They are running a one-sided government. BJP and Alliance think the opposition voters have no share in the public exchequer. They do not understand tax is contributed by all and not only by ruling voters,” he said.


Therie further stated that the RSS and BJP’s conduct of “anti-solution, anti-Christian, Muslims and Jains are known to all” and added that NDPP is responsible for the “delay in implementation of agreed solutions and rampant corruption.” Therie said that the voice of the public was ignored and the people of Nagaland insulted “but still ticket seekers liked it.”


“Knowing BJP and NDPP alliance’s failures and dangerous trends, many are fighting for BJP and NDPP tickets. This is an epidemic of foolishness for which there is no medicine to cure,” Therie stated.


On clean elections, Therie said that the Nagaland Joint Christian Forum came out with the Clean Election Campaign. “They recognized that elections are dirty and responsible for corruption. Clean Election campaign was necessitated because elections have become too dirty,” he said.

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