No rift within the party, Nagaland Congress clarifies

With the issue of a press statement by the NPCC Communications Department on 15 March in which the party recommended a “nonpartisan democratic election” on the ULB election, the Congress looked to be divided into two groups.


By “nonpartisan democratic election,” the Congress according to its 15 March press statement implied that “political parties will not award tickets, but that ward/constituency leaders will select/elect moral leaders to represent the wards through consensus and cooperation, and that there will be no opposition or ruling, but that every member will have the right to voice in the decision-making process without party backing.”


GK Zhimomi, an ex-army officer and the Vice President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee took to Twitter on Saturday to express his displeasure with the ‘partyless’ ULBs.


“The Executive Committee of @INCNagaland is yet to meet and deliberate on upcoming ULB elections. Statement issued by some leaders especially on forming partyless ULBs is their individual opinion and not of the party at this juncture,” he tweeted.


Zhimomi told Mokokchung Times that he had nothing against any individual or the party, but that the tweet was an ideological clarification. He went on to say that there was no rift within the Congress Party and that he just mentioned that any act taken on behalf of the party is always done in consultation with the Executive Committee.


“I guess I was only reminding the role of the executive committee to the party,” he said, further adding, “When the oppositionless government is bad, how we can say partyless ULB is good for the people?”


Nonetheless, he maintained that there is no schism within the party and that everything would be resolved as soon as possible with the higher-ups.


Meanwhile, Wezote Kreo, Chairman of the Communications Department of NPCC told Mokokchung Times that while there were some misunderstandings during the election, all would be resolved. He also stated that there is no rift and that the differences, if any, would be resolved as soon as possible.


The President of the NPCC could not be reached at the time of filing this report.



NPCC: Subongmeren Jamir assigned in-charge of ULB


According to a notification received here, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) President, K Therie, has assigned Subongmeren Jamir, Vice President, NPCC in charge of Urban Local Bodies in the State.


The notification stated that he will coordinate with all NPCC in-charge of Districts in matters of ULB election and also represent NPCC before the State Election Commission and other official meetings with the State Government.


Mokokchung Times

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