The Nokpu Senso Mungdang has adopted a resolution to conserve wildlife in the village, and it is a model for others to follow. The resolution was passed in 2022 and has been implemented since then. The Nokpu Village Council and the Saringyim Village Council have also been working to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation among the villagers. The Nokpu village council chairman has said that there has been a noticeable increase in the wildlife population since the resolution was put into effect. However, he has also cited some challenges, such as damage to crops caused by wild animals and birds, loss of domestic animals to preying wild animals, and potential human-wildlife conflict. These are genuine issues that the authorities must address. Despite these challenges, the Nokpu Village Council is committed to wildlife conservation. The village council chairman has said that the villagers have been cooperating well with the resolution, which is laudable.

Wildlife is an important part of our natural heritage, and it is essential to protect it. Wildlife provides us with many benefits, including ecosystem services such as pollination, water filtration, and pest control. Wildlife also plays an important role in our culture and recreation. Anyway, the point here is not to talk about the benefits of wildlife conservation but how to actually pursue it. Our wildlife is facing many threats today, including habitat loss, climate change, and poaching and unregulated hunting.

Wildlife conservation is essential to ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits that wildlife provides. The Nokpu Senso Mungdang’s resolution is a step in the right direction. The government must play its role by supporting communities in their wildlife conservation efforts. Specifically, the government can support the Nokpu Village Council’s wildlife conservation efforts by providing financial assistance to the village council to help them implement the resolution; Help the village council to develop and implement a plan to mitigate human-wildlife conflict; Provide compensation to farmers for crop damage caused by wild animals; Provide compensation to livestock owners for livestock killed by wild animals; and help the village council to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation among the villagers.

The Nokpu Village is setting a good example for other villages and communities. It is time for all of us to take responsibility for conserving wildlife. The village approached the government and not vice versa; this must be appreciated. It is important for other villages to follow their lead and adopt similar resolutions to conserve wildlife.

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