Mokokchung, 18 April (MTNews): The Eastern Nagaland Legislators’ Union (ENLU) stated today that they will not be held accountable and should not be blamed if talks for the Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) fail due to non-participation in the election. In a statement, ENLU emphasized the importance for all stakeholders in Eastern Nagaland involved in the negotiation process to remain focused on their common objective of achieving FNT.

Any course of action that compromises this objective is deemed questionable by ENLU.

The legislators’ union noted that abstaining from the ongoing Lok Sabha polls does not offer any advantage in the negotiation; instead, it may delay the entire process. ENLU expressed concerns that such a decision could hinder the negotiation process and potentially lead to a breakdown in talks.

Despite assuring their full cooperation in the negotiation process once a new government is formed at the center, ENLU stated that the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) and tribal hohos have pressured the Eastern legislators not to participate in the election.

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