NPCC President Supongmeren Jamir makes clarion call for change; Says materialism deeply rooted in state political system

Mokokchung, 10 April (MTNews): “Our state that once proudly stood firm on principles and values passed down by our forefathers now stands firm in the deep-rooted materialistic nature of the political system leading to corruption and nepotism,” NPCC President S Supongmeren Jamir stated in a press release on Monday.




According to him, these two elements have “taken over our system like a mighty dam slowly killing all the organisms living in the water as it disrupts their natural habitat.”


He pointed out that it has led to “our political system being the biggest mockery to all the oaths taken under the Constitution of India to serve the people, as the only people falling into this category include only a special few.”


He went on to say that this ‘menace’ is a stumbling block for better governance and that through the recently concluded 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly, it was shown up to what extent it can go.


“It is the best example of how deep-rooted materialism is in our political system,” he stated.


Acknowledging the progress the state has made “in all sectors possible” since statehood, the NPCC president, however, lamented that it is heartbreaking to see “our state achieve such advancements while destroying and dishonouring the values of truth, dignity and oneness.”


“We, the people of this glorious state, need to take a step back and think about what path we are leading. Is short-term development what we need over long-term development? Is momentary satisfaction what we need at this juncture? Are we going to be the cause of our downfall by choosing the easy way out?” he asked.


He asserted that Naga people need to “reframe our perspective and perhaps remind ourselves that it is not only the responsibility of our present Hon’ble Lawmakers to bring change but “us”- the youth of today,” adding that youths and entrepreneurs hold the vision and ambition, and are driving the state’s economic development saying that the recently conducted B20 Summit in Kohima was a testament.


He also called for propelling a systemic change and called for “people at the grassroots who are the backbone of Naga society and whose voices we should listen and read between the lines, NGOs and Civil Societies who spearhead change at the grassroots and the respected veteran leaders, former parliamentarians, former bureaucrats, retired government officials who have knowledge and experience with the system” to lead the call towards a collaborative action to propel the systemic changes and to come together.


“It is high time for the Naga leaders to be able to gather in one space and dare to voice out and accept positive criticism, setting aside all egos and taking a firm decision to work for the betterment of the state and not for any specific party, community or individual,” he added.


He, on behalf of his party, further appealed to “every citizen of the state with the same like-mindedness to join the Congress family, and take part in bringing a change no matter how big or small.”


“Each individual’s knowledge, suggestions, and support both physically and mentally is vital for us to achieve the goal of creating a state that we will be proud of to pass on to our future generations; let us work together and strive to become that drop of water that makes a mighty ocean,” he concluded.

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