Naga People’s Front (NPF) Member of Parliament Lorho S Pfoze on Monday demanded that the government seriously address the issues related to ethnic-strife hit Manipur and the Indo-Naga political problem. Participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha, the MP from Outer Manipur expressed regret that the address had no reference to the violence in Manipur and the “much needed solution to the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks.”

NPF MP Lorho S Pfoze
NPF MP Lorho S Pfoze

The Indo-Naga peace talk, going on for the past 27 years must come to its logical conclusion and find a solution that is “inclusive, agreeable, acceptable and honorable to all stakeholders as early as possible,” he stressed.

Pfoze said the violence that engulfed Manipur for the past more than 9 months now between Meiteis and Kuki-Chin-Zo groups must end. “The government must in all seriousness address the various issues of lawlessness leading to the loss of faith in the constitution and government. Violence must stop, rule of law must return, peace must return, Manipur needs peace,” he said.

The Naga MP from Manipur appreciated the president for presenting “an elaborate account of the achievements of the government” and congratulated the PM and his government in fulfilling the “centuries-old desire of the people and inaugurating and dedicating the Ram temple to the people and nation, a symbol that represents the nation’s faith in god.”

He noted that the temple is a reminder of the very secular fabric on which the country was founded. However, Pfoze raised concerns about the increasing attacks and atrocities on religious minorities and called on the government to take immediate action to stop such incidents.

He also applauded India’s achievements in space exploration, citing the successful launch and historic landing of Chandrayaan 3 and the G20 Summit’s success, reinforcing India’s global standing. Pfoze also commended the country’s rapid progress in introducing 5G connectivity and integrating AI technology into various sectors, including health and education.

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